National Healthcare Decision Day April 16

Do you know about advance healthcare directives?

To educate, facilitate and help current participants and their families make important end-of-life care decisions, Center for Elders’ Independence is participating in National Healthcare Decision Day, April 16, 2024. Center for Elders’ Independence is using tools and resources from the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California as guides to facilitate important conversations about Advance Directives…

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Maria Garcia: Dancing and Laughing to Health

Maria Lopez Garcia, PACE participant at Center for Elders' Independence

The vibrant Maria Lopez Garcia, nicknamed “JLo” can be easily recognized at the East Oakland PACE Center from her hearty laugh, often from the center of a dance circle. A native Spanish speaker, she discovered a renewed sense of well-being and joy through the innovative healthcare service model of PACE, provided by Center for Elders’…

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Reducing Colder Weather Risks for Older Adults

It's cold in the house in winter. A senior person freezing, fever or trouble with heating. Sad person in wool plaid and scarf and wearing warm hat sitting on sofa at home in wintertime.

As we experience winter temperatures, the risk of cold weather affecting older adults is high. The more frail or mildly confused someone is, the greater the risk of hypothermia or becoming too cold. As one ages, the recognition of being too chilly or freezing becomes more difficult to detect and could possibly lead to hospitalization…

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