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Aaron McPherson

Vice President of Operations

Aaron McPherson brings valuable experience in geriatric physical therapy, nursing home administration, and rehabilitation services management to CEI’s comprehensive care for frail seniors.

A physical therapist with a doctorate of physical therapy from the University of South Carolina and an MBA from Georgia College and State University, Aaron previously developed a multidisciplinary rehabilitation department from scratch to meet the needs of an acute care hospital, behavioral health unit, and outpatient therapy clinic in Alaska. He has also helped implement electronic medical records systems and provided supervision and oversight in the areas of quality improvement and compliance with regulations.

Aaron’s undergraduate major was biology and he originally wanted to become a physician. As part of the requirements for application to medical school, he volunteered at a physical therapy department and discovered that he enjoyed this way of working with patients — he was drawn to the direct and dramatic ways that physical therapists can change people’s lives. He believes elders deserve respect and his goals for the clients he worked with—improved functioning and independence—dovetails well with CEI’s mission.

Prior to joining CEI’s staff in 2016, Aaron served as Chief Operating Officer, Nursing Home Administrator, and Director of Rehabilitation Services at medical centers in Alaska and in New Mexico.

In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling off of the beaten path, meeting new people, and spending time outdoors.