Aging in Place: Stay Safe at Home With CEI’s Tips! (November EBSI)

Given a choice between nursing home care and “aging in place,” most seniors enjoy the independence that comes with living at home. That can often be a challenge, but with a few modifications, you can stay living at home safely and happily.

5 ways to stay safe at home:

1. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: Install smoke alarms outside every bedroom and check the batteries regularly. Install a carbon monoxide detector that sounds an alarm.

2. Fall prevention: Remove loose carpet or throw rugs, and unneeded items like plant stands and end tables, keep paths clear of electrical cords, oxygen tubing, and clutter.

3. Lighting: Use night-lights in hallways, bathrooms, and stairways. Place bedside lamps within easy reach and store flashlights in an easy-to-find place.

4. Bathroom modifications: Install shower chairs, bath benches, and grab handles in the shower, toilet, entryway, and anywhere without handrails.

5. Medication management: Know the side effects of any meds you take, many medications can cause drowsiness or dizziness.


These small home modifications can make you safer and prevent falls and injury!