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Linda Trowbridge smiling with joy in 2017.

A Warm Tribute to Linda Trowbridge

Download the Tribute PDF  | Make a Gift It is with deep sadness that we share with you that Center for Elders’ Independence Chief ...
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5 seniors meditate with a leader

Seniors Get Extra Benefits from Mindfulness & Meditation

Almost everyone has heard of or participated in a mindfulness or meditation experience. It’s a growing aspect of emotional self-care, physical improvement, and enhancing ...
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Alameda County Vote by Mail Return Envelope

Seniors Can Vote Safely by Mail in California

All Californians registered to vote, including seniors, will receive a vote by mail ballot keeping them safer during the pandemic. This is a big ...
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A CEI aide holds up a We Miss You note to put into a lunch.

Taking Care of Seniors in Times of COVID-19

Changes Demand Creativity Taking care of seniors in times of COVID-19 takes being creative as the world around us changes. Because of the coronavirus ...
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Shape Your Future Census 2020

Why Bay Area Seniors Should Take the Census

Census notices arrive in the mail and will guide you to complete the census. In the East Bay, we say, "Strength in numbers!" The ...
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Protect Yourself from Scams

Avoid COVID-19 Scams

Scams related to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are rapidly increasing. Fraudsters are targeting older adults and those with serious long- term health ...
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5 Important Facts About Census 2020

Participating in the Census is important as the data collected is used help to shape our future and impact our communities. The results of ...
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September is PACE Month in California Center for Elders' Independence is an innovative PACE PACE Addresses Growing Needs for Senior CareIn a show of support for PACE, the transformative ...
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Losing Myself in Caregiving

When I unexpectedly became my Mom’s sole caregiver (and roommate), that became not only my job, but my identity. My self-image changed and caregiving ...
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5 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Finding easier ways to complete daily tasks can make life simpler. As we start the New Year, try these helpful ideas. 1. Alter clothing ...
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