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What does CEI mean to a daughter?

To describe my gratitude for the Center for Elders’ Independence as abundant would be an understatement. The year my mother moved to Oakland was a stressful one. I was working full time and working hard to complete my internship to become a psychotherapist. My mother had some serious health concerns and I’m an only child…
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Aging in Community, with Tiny Houses and Low-Income Rentals

Aging in Community The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asks us to rethink “aging in place.”  The bureau suggests we consider smaller living spaces with lower maintenance costs. Read this article for some clear thinking about aging in community. They warn seniors about reverse mortgage companies that prey on natural fears of change, and fear of moving…
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Will To Live: Meet Mr. Keet Abernathy

“Why do I want to tell my story? I want other people to have the courage to go on, like I have since losing my leg,” says Eastmont participant Keet Abernathy. Mr. Abernathy had an above-knee amputation in 2013 and has been working with CEI rehab staff, hoping to walk again. He has a power…
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What’s new at CEI: Picnics by the Bay

Nature is a great healer, and so is dining with friends. “When people eat alone, they don’t eat as well, or enough,” says Carol Habercross, CEI Nutrition Services manager. And as a lot of research – and anyone who has enjoyed a day at the beach or a walk in the woods – can attest to,…
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Better Nutrition For Seniors – 5 Tips That Don’t Involve Broccoli

Based on an interview with Carol Habercross, CEI’s Nutrition Services Manager. Reading time:  3 1/2 minutes Nutrition is ageless. Good nutrition puts gas in your gas tank and keeps you going. At CEI, the registered dietitians do a lot of education. Our nutrition team helps people make the right food choices to reach their health…
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