Long Distance Caregiving

Home Caregiver gives senior a hug.

Caring While Living Far Away Taking care of an aging parent can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person will ever do. There are many demands and at one point, everyone will need help. As needs increase, the need for outside help also increases. And if you live far away, you…

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Friendships Blossom Through Translators

“Communication is everything, and these translators have been a game-changer,” shares CEI driver Fernando Navarro. “Every day has been better ever since these translators arrived. Communication is clear, and we can relate to each other. But the key thing is that the seniors know I’m ready to help.” A full 50% of CEI participants speak…

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When caregiving strains family relationships

Becoming a Caregiver The realization that my Mom needed more care than my elderly Aunt Mary could provide hit me hard. As described in my first blog post, a visit to them in Florida confirmed that Mom’s changing behavior – forgetful, sometimes erratic – was more than Aunt Mary could handle. Not only that, my…

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When Caregiving Chooses You

Photo of Crystal and her mother.

My mother was an independent, strong-willed, vibrant 71-year-old living in Florida. She lived with my Aunt Mary, was a fantastic cook, loved to decorate and go out.  Then the flu landed her in the hospital and after that, our lives changed forever. While in the hospital, Mom was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. I…

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Visiting parents for the holidays?

Family having holiday dinner together

Know they are healthy & safe with these 10 questions When there are months between family visits, changes in your parents’ health can seem dramatic or alarming. Yet, with the right care and support, many elders can live safely in their homes. While you enjoy your parents’ company during the holidays, take a few moments…

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