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Community Impact

A Lifetime of Love – The Rosas

For 48 years, the Rosas have done everything together including joining CEI Carlos and Esther Rosas have been married for 48 years, they have four grown children (two girls, two boys) and five grandchildren. They say their relationship is their biggest accomplishment and that they have done everything together. Joining CEI was no different. Long Distance brought…

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East Bay Senior Independent (EBSI), August 2018

Can you believe that the end of the summer is here and fall is on its way? If you haven’t already, take a trip to the beach with friends and family, enjoy Pier 39 in San Francisco or simply go to a park and enjoy reading a book in the shade. Wherever you go or…

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East Bay Senior Independent (EBSI), July 2018

We are never too old to learn something new or contribute our time and skills to others. If you no longer work full-time, the East Bay has many ways to enjoy and enrich your retirement years. Senior Centers offer classes and activities to keep our minds sharp and bodies healthy. Volunteering is a rewarding way…

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Caregiving from the Heart

  “One Moment, we fell in Love” Linda Metcalf and Tobin (Toby) Simon met while teaching at Pratt Institute, a small arts college, in Brooklyn, New York. In 1976, they became officemates and in “one moment, we fell in love,” she says. During that time, Mr. Simon also stepped in to help raise Ms. Metcalf’s…

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Senior Health Policy Forum Topics Still Hold Relevance

Under the Magnifying Glass: The Senior Health Policy Forum Nearly 300 senior advocates, policymakers, and Linda Trowbridge (our CEO) and Grace Li (On Lok CEO) welcomed attendees and spoke about PACE programming. “Today, 2,200 seniors around the Bay Area are not living in nursing homes because of PACE. This morning hundreds of seniors are being…

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The Aging Homeless Population Brings Unique Challenges

The staggering truth about the growing number of homeless adults Homelessness was one of the issues senior advocates, policymakers, and senior service providers discussed at the 2017 Bay Area Senior Health Policy Forum (SHPF), a one-day conference held on December 6th and co-hosted by CEI and On Lok. As published in The Gerontologist (February 26, 2016),…

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Afi Couldn’t Walk 5 Feet. Now You Can’t Stop Her.

Photo of Afi Tiombe Kambon

Afi Tiombe Kambon is a ray of sunshine. She dresses in colorful clothing and has a permanent smile on her face. She makes it a point to encourage fellow participants and is always on the move, refusing to let disabilities hinder her from living a full life. Born in Berkeley, lost a leg at age 11 Afi was born…

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Aging in Community, with Tiny Houses and Low-Income Rentals

Aging in Community The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asks us to rethink “aging in place.”  The bureau suggests we consider smaller living spaces with lower maintenance costs. Read this article for some clear thinking about aging in community. They warn seniors about reverse mortgage companies that prey on natural fears of change, and fear of moving…

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