Care Coordination Delivers Better Outcomes for Seniors

The overwhelm is real. The doctor appointments. The insurance company phone calls. The medications. Showering. Cooking. Laundry. The transportation needs. The paperwork for all the specialists. The coordination can feel defeating for an elder or their caregiver. Finding the right help can be challenging. Part A, Part B, Part D or a Medicare Advantage Plan?…

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Reducing Colder Weather Risks for Older Adults

It's cold in the house in winter. A senior person freezing, fever or trouble with heating. Sad person in wool plaid and scarf and wearing warm hat sitting on sofa at home in wintertime.

As we experience winter temperatures, the risk of cold weather affecting older adults is high. The more frail or mildly confused someone is, the greater the risk of hypothermia or becoming too cold. As one ages, the recognition of being too chilly or freezing becomes more difficult to detect and could possibly lead to hospitalization…

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Long Distance Caregiving

Home Caregiver gives senior a hug.

Caring While Living Far Away Taking care of an aging parent can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person will ever do. There are many demands and at one point, everyone will need help. As needs increase, the need for outside help also increases. And if you live far away, you…

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300 Seniors Learn to Connect in their Language

Senior Participant receives iPad Training at PACE Berkeley

A major benefit of PACE healthcare is access to a social worker. Center for Elders’ Independence employs close to 20 social workers and assistants to help participants get the services and support they need. Their work is vital to connect seniors with those services within CEI and within the community. They are knowledgeable about many critical services ranging from housing to home care, from meal delivery to caregiver education. 

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Physical Therapy for Senior Health and Rehab

Despite the pandemic and the risk of contracting COVID-19, our physical and occupational therapists still make a big difference in lives of older adults in the East Bay. They make phone calls, home visits and arrange for group exercise outside at senior housing apartments. It’s a matter of going to where the seniors are rather…

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Regaining Strength & Independence during a Pandemic

Gwen Duncan Smiles Proudly

In June, a delightful woman got up to use the bathroom feeling weak all over. Before she returned to her bed, she fell down. Pulling on the blankets, her cell phone got to her hands and she pressed 1. Then passed out. Pressing 1 was enough to get her sister’s attention to come downstairs to…

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Seniors Get Extra Benefits from Mindfulness & Meditation

5 seniors meditate with a leader

Almost everyone has heard of or participated in a mindfulness or meditation experience. It’s a growing aspect of emotional self-care, physical improvement, and enhancing higher brain functions. For seniors, mindfulness and meditation can play a significant role in their overall well-being. Stresses unique to seniors Most seniors experience certain types of stress more often than…

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