Avoid Heat-Related Illness (July EBSI)

How to avoid heat-related illness People aged 65 years or older are more prone to heat-related health problems. Other factors that might increase your risk on hot days include high humidity, obesity, fever, dehydration, prescription drug use, heart disease, hypertension, poor circulation, sunburn, and alcohol use. Symptoms of heat stroke include fever (over 103 degrees…

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East Bay Senior Independent (EBSI), August 2018

Can you believe that the end of the summer is here and fall is on its way? If you haven’t already, take a trip to the beach with friends and family, enjoy Pier 39 in San Francisco or simply go to a park and enjoy reading a book in the shade. Wherever you go or…

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East Bay Senior Independent (EBSI), July 2018

We are never too old to learn something new or contribute our time and skills to others. If you no longer work full-time, the East Bay has many ways to enjoy and enrich your retirement years. Senior Centers offer classes and activities to keep our minds sharp and bodies healthy. Volunteering is a rewarding way…

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Caregiving from the Heart

  “One Moment, we fell in Love” Linda Metcalf and Tobin (Toby) Simon met while teaching at Pratt Institute, a small arts college, in Brooklyn, New York. In 1976, they became officemates and in “one moment, we fell in love,” she says. During that time, Mr. Simon also stepped in to help raise Ms. Metcalf’s…

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New Medicare Cards are Coming

new medicare card sample

Starting in April 2018, people with Medicare will start receiving a new Medicare card with a new Medicare number. The new cards will be mailed between April 2018 and April 2019. Why a new number? Medicare is removing Social Security Numbers from your card in order to: Better protect your private medical and financial information…

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Thrifty Holiday Shopping

Two women carrying shopping bags

Some of the best bargains and most unusual gifts can be found at your local thrift shop. You can feel good about shopping there because your money supports worthy causes and provides local jobs or job training. And re-using clothes and other items (or donating your own unneeded things) is also good for the environment. Here…

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Taking Care of Our Brain

Illustration of a healthy brain growing as a plant

Until recently, scientists thought that the brain was different from other parts of the body and could not change much after childhood. But it turns out that the brain is more able to adapt and heal than formerly believed. A large, long-term study found that only 25% of brain aging is due to genetics. The other…

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Better Nutrition For Seniors – 5 Tips That Don’t Involve Broccoli

Based on an interview with Carol Habercross, CEI’s Nutrition Services Manager. Reading time:  3 1/2 minutes Nutrition is ageless. Good nutrition puts gas in your gas tank and keeps you going. At CEI, the registered dietitians do a lot of education. Our nutrition team helps people make the right food choices to reach their health…

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