The Aging Homeless Population Brings Unique Challenges

The staggering truth about the growing number of homeless adults Homelessness was one of the issues senior advocates, policymakers, and senior service providers discussed at the 2017 Bay Area Senior Health Policy Forum (SHPF), a one-day conference held on December 6th and co-hosted by CEI and On Lok. As published in The Gerontologist (February 26, 2016),…

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When Caregiving Chooses You

Photo of Crystal and her mother.

My mother was an independent, strong-willed, vibrant 71-year-old living in Florida. She lived with my Aunt Mary, was a fantastic cook, loved to decorate and go out.  Then the flu landed her in the hospital and after that, our lives changed forever. While in the hospital, Mom was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. I…

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