Senior Participant receives iPad Training at PACE Berkeley

300 Seniors Learn to Connect in their Language

July marked a milestone for CEI and our new batch of tech-savvy seniors. As of this month, 300 participants attended and graduated the Weblinks iPad classes offered at CEI. Three years ago, CEI set an ambitious goal: teach seniors how to use an iPad and get connected online. They learned how to do a Google or YouTube search, send email and connect with friends via Zoom.

Danielle Buisson, a PACE participant at the Berkeley location, is very excited to see her high school friends again in New York through Zoom. “It’s more than a phone, using the iPad. I can do so much more.”

Danielle is also excited about downloading books from the local library using the Libby app. “I love to read and not having to carry books around is a big plus for me.”

CEI partnered with Community Tech Network to teach seniors in six languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Spanish. Sabrina Tam, Senior Program Manager, says, “Seniors are hungry to learn more, especially when they can ask questions in their primary language. They understand more and light bulbs click on through the course. It’s very fun to watch them grow.”

Danielle Buisson Ipad Graduate-25