Celebrating PRIDE Month & Championing Healthcare Equity and Gender-Affirming Care at CEI

Center for Elders' Independence celebrates Pride Month by reaffirming our dedication to fostering an inclusive environment where health equity thrives, and every elder's story is a testament to the power of acceptance and support.

In a recent Fox News interview, 66-year-old Buddy Wolf and CEI President and CEO Maria Zamora shed light on the transformative impact of the PACE program in promoting healthcare equity and gender-affirming care for seniors. Buddy Wolf, a participant at Center for Elders' Independence (CEI), shared his journey of transitioning from female to male, which began five years ago with the support of the PACE Healthcare Team.

Buddy recounted his childhood desire to be a cowboy, a reflection of his early understanding of his gender identity. Despite significant challenges, including being visually impaired, Buddy found the support he needed at CEI. "The center began providing gender-affirming care with hormones and other therapies, allowing me to become my true self," he explained. This support has been crucial for Buddy, who will soon undergo gender-affirming surgery, covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal through CEI.

Maria Zamora highlighted the importance of addressing healthcare disparities for marginalized communities. "PACE programs, like CEI, were founded on the principle of health equity, aiming to serve underserved populations of older adults," she stated. With 171,000 transgender adults over 65 in the U.S., the need for inclusive, comprehensive care is more critical than ever.

Buddy's story is a testament to CEI's commitment to fostering a supportive environment where all seniors can age with dignity and respect, truly becoming their authentic selves.