Celebrating diversity at the annual summer picnic.

Equity for Senior Healthcare Delivered

We stand for access to affordable, comprehensive social and medical care for all seniors and fiercely advocate for healthcare equity.

Healthcare equity is achieved when everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. CEI welcomes the most vulnerable seniors: aged, low-income, people of color with complex medical needs. People who often experience barriers to getting good healthcare.

According to the California Health Care Foundation’s 2023 Latino/x Health Care Priorities and Experiences survey, “Spanish-speaking Californians are less likely to say they have a primary care physician than English speakers (71% vs. 85%).” Despite being the largest ethnic group in California, Latino/x people are not well represented in healthcare systems. Only 6% of all California physicians are Latino/x.

Additional studies show that while Black people are highly intentional about their healthcare, they are not taken seriously by healthcare professionals, who are generally English-speaking white men. Almost one-third of Black Californians surveyed reported they experience unfair treatment because of their race or ethnicity. That number goes up to nearly half if the person faces mental health challenges (47%), is LGBTQIA+ (43%), disabled (40%) or female (40%).*

We take great satisfaction in changing this experience for CEI participants.

We Provide Care in a Participant’s Language of Choice

More than 57% of current participants need care in a language other than English.

Language concordance is essential in order to be inclusive in our diverse world. We regularly translate printed materials in six languages as well as provide free interpretation services for all kinds of interactions with our staff. We offer audio, video and in-person interpretation services depending upon the type of service and care needed.


Preferred Languages at CEI
Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)32.9%
Other Languages3.69%

We Actively Recruit, Hire, and Train Diverse Team Members

CEI employees represent a wide range of races, orientations, and languages; it’s a true melting pot of many cultures and backgrounds.

  • 2/3rds of our primary care physicians and nurse practitioners are non-white professionals who speak other languages.
  • Nearly 78% of all staff are non-white people.
  • We mandate implicit bias training for all medical professionals, day center aides and clinical staff.

CEI’s commitment to healthcare equity makes a difference in our participants’ lives.

For a Black man, getting healthcare is challenging. Before coming to CEI, Mr. Tillman didn’t really trust medical providers as he wasn’t taken seriously about the pain he experienced in his left leg. He had to convince the doctors that amputation was the right choice for his overall health. Even though he was missing much of his left leg, it took his previous healthcare company over 2.5 years to get him a manual wheelchair. The manual wheelchair was extremely difficult for him to maneuver, so shortly after joining CEI, Mr. Tillman received an electric wheelchair making it super easy to get around. “I have improved. I do everything. I clean. I do my laundry. I take care of myself. I do everything I need to do,” shared the 69-year-old. “I’m deeply grateful to PACE.”

Mr. Tillman is deeply grateful for the care he gets at CEI and PACE.
Mr. Tillman is deeply grateful for the care he gets at CEI and PACE.

Speaking someone’s native language really makes a difference in getting high quality healthcare. At her previous clinic, Ms. Lopez couldn’t communicate with the doctor or the nurse as no one there spoke Spanish and Ms. Lopez only speaks Spanish. Her blood sugar was always too high and she was at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. About a year ago, her doctor referred her to CEI PACE, as we could offer her far more services in her language. Now, her blood sugar is normal. Instead of taking insulin daily, she only takes it once every two weeks. She also decreased her daily Metformin dose. The doctors give her confidence that she can control her blood sugars well. She gives CEI a 10 out of 10!

Thanks to the interpreters at CEI, Ms. Lopez's health is far better than with her previous provider who did not speak Spanish.
Ms. Lopez gives CEI a 10 out of 10!

CEI has been committed to full self-expression for many years. When Buddy shared that he wanted to transition from female to male for as long as he could remember, CEI started helping Buddy make that transition. After a number of years adjusting to hormones and additional therapies, Buddy is preparing for surgery to finalize the transition. “I’ve been battling depression all of my life since asking Santa to be a cowboy when I was five years old. This final piece will make a difference for my life, said Buddy. “Without CEI, it would be impossible for me. They opened the doors for me. I’m living my true self now. I’m 90% whole and the surgery will make it complete.”

Mr. Wolf is living his true life as his true self.
Mr. Wolf is living his true life as his true self.

Meeting Diverse Needs

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jim Mittelberger emphasizes how vital it is to meet participants where they are and as who they are. “Older adults have unique needs that range widely. We ask them in a variety of ways, What Matters Most to them. PACE gives us that ability to be flexible in how care is delivered to match those needs. Not one care plan is the same as the other. They are as diverse as each individual is here at CEI.”

While others may shy away from diversity, CEI embraces it. We celebrate the hundreds of backgrounds, races and traditions walking through our doors every day and honor their lived experience. Everyone truly is welcomed, supported, and cared for here.

*Listening to Black Californians, California Health Care Foundation survey, 2022.