New Trustee Joins CEI Foundation

Wesley Alexander joins the CEI Foundation as a Trustee bringing his experience as an entrepreneur to the board. He currently is the CEO of CoBiz Richmond, which is a co-working space and business incubator with a mission to build an infrastructure for wellness - entrepreneurially, professionally, and personally - in marginalized and under-invested communities. Prior to CoBiz, Wesley worked for various Fortune 60 emerging technology companies, served as an FBI Special Agent and provided business incubation to entrepreneurs and “nonprofiteurs” under his platform Promise & Potential. Wesley holds a dual JD/MBA degree at American University, a BS from Loyola University Maryland, and is licensed to practice law in Maryland.

Wesley believes elders are critical to restoring not only the moral fabric of our society but also the inter-generational sacredness of family. For these reasons, Wesley is thrilled to be a liaison for CEI to reach diverse elders, especially in Black and Brown communities.

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Valuing Elders

From his vantage point, CEI does a wonderful job of valuing our elders in a manner that

  1. Acknowledges and celebrates their full humanity,
  2. Provides a sense of community and belonging to our elders without displacement,
  3. Removes the burden, anxiety, and even trauma associated with seeking quality care on a limited budget, and lastly,
  4. Raises the standard of care for our elders, regardless of socio-economics.

According to Wesley, PACE centers are beautiful, modern, well-designed facilities positioned in the heart of communities where service providers, vendors, families, youth, and the community are easily able to see and interact with elders on a daily basis. These centers are visible investments that provide subtle yet powerful reminders that our elders are a critical part of our families and communities.

We are thrilled to have Wesley join the CEI Board of Trustees as he brings in additional enthusiasm and energy as we all work together to deliver much needed services to under-served seniors.