How to Fight the Winter Blues with CEI’s Tips! (December EBSI)


The winter holidays can be a sad or lonely time for older adults. The shorter days with less sunlight can also bring on “winter blues,” called “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD). If you feel yourself becoming anxious or dreading the holidays, there are things you can do.


5 ways to beat the holiday blues:



1. Surround yourself with supportive and caring people. Make new friends and keep seeing the old ones, too. It is vital to make new connections so the circle of friends doesn’t dwindle.

2. Participate in classes, social groups, and activities at senior centers, adult schools, and churches. In some cities these activities are also available via phone or internet.

3. Use Facebook or skype to chat and stay in touch with family and friends. Asking your children or grandchildren for help could be a great way to bond with them.

4. Listen to music or do something creative that you enjoy, like writing or telling stories about your family history to children and grandchildren.

5. Get exercise, even if it is only taking a short walk. This is also a great way to get your daily dose of sunlight.


These are a few things you can do to beat the winter blues and enjoy this holiday season!