Mother and Daughter Tag Team in Life and in Health

Mother and daughter Jimmie and Jill Beardsley live together and are close. Jimmie Beardsley, the mother in the power duo, says, “We depend on each other a lot.” And Ms. Jill agrees. “We keep it real though,” she laughs, “and we enjoy each other.”

A natural bond strengthens with help

It’s because of their love for each other that when Ms. Jill found the Center for Elders’ Independence (CEI) and enrolled as a participant, she didn’t waste any time referring her mother, who joined a few months later.

After joining, Ms. Jimmie Beardsley says, she feels at home. “I feel so relaxed now because of CEI. All the heads of each discipline, I feel they really care about me and that’s very rare.”

The Beardsleys love to come into the center to play games and socialize with their friends.

CEI is a life changer

After moving from Yuba County, the daughter was disappointed in low-income healthcare options so she scoured the Internet to find a plan that would support all her needs. Her search led her to the National PACE Association office. (PACE is the healthcare model CEI uses.) “I called and couldn’t believe what their program offered.” She says other healthcare plans told her there was nothing they could do and that she should learn to live with pain.

“In two months CEI changed my life and my mother’s,” Ms. Jill says about her mother (Ms. Jimmie) pictured above.

“In two months CEI changed my life and my mother’s,” Ms. Jill says. “They came up with solutions and fixed my dental problems, sent me to a hearing doctor who gave me new equipment, and I saw the eye doctor and got the glasses I desperately needed.” CEI has been a life changer for the Beardsleys and she is thankful that she found the Bay Area PACE healthcare plan.

They appreciate the help at every step

Ms. Jill adds that there was no way she could navigate all the tasks required to get the help she needed because there were too many moving parts.

Ms. Jill loves all the encouragement CEI staff give her on her journey to becoming healthier.

Now Ms. Jill loves the gym and exercise bike, but she especially loves all the encouragement CEI staff give her on her journey to becoming healthier.

Ms. Jimmie says, “CEI offers everything from clinics, activities, a gym, home care, meals. It’s a special service, and I’ve needed something from each discipline at CEI in order to get on track.” She says that during the pandemic, CEI has shone and she feels taken care of.

Hanging in there amid COVID changes

“After COVID, CEI had to really be scrambling but we couldn’t tell. I don’t know what more they could do. They’ve been extraordinary during this time. And their help has been so meaningful to us.” Jimmie says. “I’ve chosen to spend my time out of town when COVID hit but the attention I get from CEI hasn’t changed.

Ms. Jill feels the same.

The mother-daughter duo finally feels at home and taken care of at Center for Elders’ Independence.

“Despite the roar of tremendous change, this country is going through, I can reach someone by phone and everything I need is there – pharmacy visits, telehealth, asking questions, and I’ve even seen the doctor a few times. All my medical questions are always answered. Maria from home care visits weekly. She fixed the toilet seat for my mom and figured out all kinds of things around the house.”

The mother-daughter duo finally feels taken care of. They are relaxed and trust CEI to continue to help them strengthen themselves and their mother-daughter bond.