Do you know about advance healthcare directives?

National Healthcare Decision Day April 16

To educate, facilitate and help current participants and their families make important end-of-life care decisions, Center for Elders’ Independence is participating in National Healthcare Decision Day, April 16, 2024.

Center for Elders’ Independence is using tools and resources from the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California as guides to facilitate important conversations about Advance Directives (Living Wills) or POLST documents. (A POLST is a document that lists Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.)

We will be extending this awareness program for the entire week (April 15 to April 19) to ensure that we speak to as many participants as possible about having these conversations. Participants will receive a short presentation and watch a video at each center about the importance of making hard decisions before a critical medical event or at the end of life. Then participants can request an in-depth appointment for assistance in writing an Advance Directive or complete a POLST. By making these decisions ahead of time, participants can give peace of mind as they provide guidance to family members and healthcare providers on their wishes.

Tools & Resources

If you are looking for guidance to document your healthcare wishes and preferences, please visit the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California website for tools and reference guides. You can learn how to have a conversation with your loved ones, download forms, and find many other resources.

Here’s an Advance Directive form that you can use in very clear language:

For a POLST in 13 different languages, visit:

It’s important to complete these forms and talk with your medical provider(s) and your closest loved ones before a major medical event happens. Your loved ones will thank you.

(In the spirit of transparency, Dr. Jim Mittelberger, CEI Chief Medical Officer, serves on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California. This article is not sponsored nor endorsed by the Coalition.)