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PACE Centers Honored for Design

In the most recent issue of Environments for Aging magazine, Center for Elders’ Independence was honored to be one of the finalists of their annual Design Showcase. The PACE Downtown Oakland Center was one of 10 finalists among the large number of submissions. The Design Showcase focuses on four major judging criteria of innovation, aesthetics, experience and operations/well-being. The PACE Downtown Oakland Center’s architects, Kava Massih Architects, submitted the design to the magazine.

Seniors Led the Design

When CEI decided to renovate the PACE Downtown Oakland Center and build the PACE San Leandro Center, numerous interviews were conducted with participating seniors for their input on the design features. They wanted a space that was beautiful, easy to get around, warm and welcoming as well as flexible for a variety of uses. The designs are focused on their needs.

PACE Downtown Oakland Center Finalist in EFA magazine

PACE Downtown Oakland Design Highlights

Editors of the magazine praised the Downtown Oakland design for its innovation of integrating the urban feel of the existing exposed concrete with the needs for expanded activity rooms, a demonstration kitchen area, and the senior gym. Wooden floors, paneling and beams soften the hard element of concrete giving warmth to the 7,233 square-foot interior space.

The outdoor space was also praised as it was transformed from a barren parking lot to a beautiful, trellised garden walkway and courtyard with lots of seating options throughout the 6,228 square feet. Visitors are greeted with wood, concrete and plants as they approach the day center entrance. Seniors can relax outside in the sunshine within the enclosed patio.

The renovation construction was completed in May 2019.

PACE San Leandro Center Honored in EFA Magazine

PACE San Leandro Design Highlights

Designs for the San Leandro site were also submitted by Kava Massih Architects for the Design Showcase. While not one of the showcase finalists, the San Leandro Center design was featured in the spring 2021 issue highlighting the results of the collaborative efforts to create a highly flexible and home-like atmosphere. Comfort and flexibility were the two driving factors for the overall design and the finishing details.

A soft color palette and outdoor features are found throughout the center to warmly welcome people. The seniors and staff find the environment to be calming and relaxing. A separate lounge area similar to a hotel lobby offers numerous seating configurations giving the seniors multiple ways to socialize and enjoy their hobbies.

The San Leandro renovation and remodel encompassed 15,663 square feet and was completed in March 2018.

More Renovations Planned

All of us at Center for Elders’ Independence are very proud to be showcased and honored by Environments for Aging magazine. Currently, CEI plans to renovate two more PACE centers and will continue to focus on the participants’ experience and needs during the design phases. Space to socialize, eat, and exercise is a critical part of the PACE health care model. Making that space beautiful and inviting is the goal. CEI is committed to continually innovate our center designs for the well-being of all who come into our locations.


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Center for Elders’ Independence is featured on pages 34, 44, 48 and 49.