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Seniors Can Vote Safely by Mail in California

All Californians registered to vote, including seniors, will receive a vote by mail ballot keeping them safer during the pandemic. This is a big change as Governor Newsom signed an executive order stating that all California registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot up to 29 days before the November 3rd general election, or October 5, 2020. You now have the option to vote by mail or in person at the polls.

Everyone’s voice is important. Are you registered?

If you are caring for a senior, you can help ensure they exercise their right to vote. Ask them if they are registered to vote. If they don’t remember, here is how you can help them check.

You can double check that you are currently registered to vote by visiting and entering key personal information, or call 800-345-8683. At the website, you can see your preferred language, address, and political party, and sign up for ballot tracking. Ballot tracking shows you when your ballot was mailed, received, and counted.

If you need to change your residential or mailing address, you simply re-register to vote.

Filling out a voter registration card

Pick up voter registration forms at any DMV, public library or by calling 800-345-8683 to have one mailed to you.

How to help someone register to vote

You can register to vote in a number of ways.

  1. Online at
  2. Calling 800-345-VOTE (800-345-8683) to have a voter registration form mailed to you.
  3. Pick up an official postcard at the county elections office, any DMV office, public library, post office, public assistance office or any government office that serves the disabled.

You will need to provide the following on the Voter Registration Form:

  1. Your full name including your first, middle, last.
  2. Your complete residential address. This cannot be a post office box or a business address. This address must be where you live.
  3. Your mailing address.
  4. Your date of birth including year.
  5. Your driver’s license number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  6. The name of the state where you were born, or of a foreign country.
  7. Your political party preference or checking “No, I do not wish to register with a political party.”
  8. The address where you last registered to vote, if applicable.
  9. Your preferred language to receive election materials.
Contra County Mail In Votes Stacked in a Bin

Voting by mail is safer than ever and can be tracked by visiting: Get automatic notifications for free.

Other Key Voter Information

You can register to vote in several languages besides English including Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

If you missed a previous election and you are registered to vote and you have not moved, there is no need to re-register.

Registering to vote is free including the postage to mail in your registration. Anyone who wants to charge you for voter registration is tricking you and committing fraud.

Registering to vote is easy, simple, and free to do. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the form and put it in the mail. Make your vote count today!

Ready to Mail Your Registration?

Excellent! Be sure to sign your name as clearly as possible in the red box. You cannot be registered to vote without your signature. Don’t forget to write in today’s date.

Then tear off the very bottom part of the card. This is your receipt and tracking number.

Next, fold up the bottom portion. Fold down the top portion on top of the bottom. Seal with a piece of tape and drop into the mail. No postage is necessary. It’s FREE to mail.

Tearing off the receipt of a voter registration card.
1. Tear off the bottom.
Folding the bottom half of voter registration card.
2. Fold up, then down.
Taping a voter registration card for mailing.
3. Seal and mail!

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