Staying Mobile during the Pandemic

With COVID-19 restrictions and precautions in place, Mr. Ervin Vinson visits the center once a week. He says with fewer people around, the center has changed, but that he’s never felt so loved.

The PACE center, a safe place to socialize

Mr. Ervin Vinson always has a smile on his face and something nice to say. He joined CEI with his sister’s help and says that he’s happy he found our healthcare plan. “CEI gets me out of my house. It’s great coming to the center to see my friends because I’ve been stressed at home [during COVID].”

Mr. Vinson enjoying time at the PACE center in San Leandro.

No service is too small

To keep older adults safe during the pandemic, CEI has taken extraordinary measures, like sending providers to visit homes; supplying home-delivered meals to keep people healthy; dropping off weekly activity packets and portable exercise equipment to help people stay active; and loaning iPads so participants can stay connected with the many virtual activities CEI offers, like bingo, Karaoke, and even exercise and yoga.

Center for Elders’ Independence continues to make home deliveries of food, activities packets, and even iPads to keep people connected.

Number one goal is staying mobile

Mr. Vinson is 67 years old and has been with CEI for 10 years. He is unable to use one of his arms and has significant weakness on one side of his body due to cerebral palsy, but he’s adapted the way he does tasks all his life. In his community, he uses various types of equipment to keep him mobile. When he needs to go longer distances, he uses a power wheelchair. And with the help of CEI’s Rehab department, he also uses a hemi walker (one-sided walker) to help support his weaker side while he moves around.

Center for Elders’ Independence provides Mr. Vinson with Transportation to and from his home to appointments,
the PACE center, and outings (Pre-COVID).

He loves having a safe way to exercise

Maria Sundqvist, Physical Therapist, says Mr. Vinson is “very serious about his exercise.”

“I like to go to the gym. My legs tighten up so I like to use the NuStep bike to exercise.” He also likes that CEI provided him (and many others) with an easy, mobile way to exercise with a small device called peddlers. “They provide everything I need.” Mr. Vinson beams when he says this. “They’ve helped me a whole lot. I enjoyed the program before and they have never stopped during COVID. I love them for that.”