What does CEI mean to a daughter?

To describe my gratitude for the Center for Elders’ Independence as abundant would be an understatement.

The year my mother moved to Oakland was a stressful one. I was working full time and working hard to complete my internship to become a psychotherapist. My mother had some serious health concerns and I’m an only child and we had no other family members in Northern California.

“gave my mom her independence”

Initially, my mom didn’t embrace the idea of going to a program that was for “the elderly” as she never saw herself that way. However, CEI’s staff and their PACE program worked their particular brand of magic and ultimately gave my mom her independence – along with excellent health care, an entire team of medical professionals she came to adore and literally every support service she needed to manage her health and have a meaningful life on her own terms.

“medical professionals she came to adore”

Every time I get a newsletter from CEI – I’m reminded of how important CEI has been in our lives and I fill out the handy envelope and send them a check.

“CEI enhanced our lives”

For 12 years until she passed away in June, my mother, Mildred McGill, was an enthusiastic and lively participant at the CEI-Berkeley center. CEI enhanced our lives, and if you’re reading this newsletter, there’s a good chance CEI has made your life better too.

I ask you, “What has CEI meant to you and your family?” I can’t say enough about what it has meant to mine.

– Rene Lewellyn, CEI supporter since 2004

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