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Live in your home,
not a nursing home

A healthcare plan that takes care of everything

In the East Bay of San Francisco
from Richmond to San Leandro

If you are 55+ and want to
avoid the nursing home

A healthcare plan that includes all this

  • All your medical care

  • All your eye care

  • Home care

  • Transportation

  • A senior gym

  • All your dental care

  • Rehabilitation

  • Nutrition

  • New friends

  • Spiritual care

Do you have multiple health issues? Are everyday routines difficult?


Coordinated Care

Your doctors, nurses, specialists and pharmacists all work from one personalized care plan.  Every member of your team  understands your needs.

Reduce the hassle

It can be difficult keeping your medications organized or getting to your appointments. We work together to keep you  supported at home.

Stay thriving

Each week, your CEI care team meets to review care plans and changes in medical conditions,  social engagement and emotional  well-being.

More taking you where you need to go

Smiling seniors inside CEI transport van

More doses taken on schedule

Female medical professional reviewing medication chart with senior man
Elderly asian woman talking with asian man

More personalized care in your native language

Elderly woman sitting on steps with her adult daughter

More peace of mind for caregivers

What our participants tell us...

Senior man wearing hat

“CEI saved me, I gained freedom. They helped me try to do things and don’t make me feel helpless. They helped me understand my medical condition, my limits, and myself… there’s a kind of fellowship here. We all learn to move through the problems and understand how to get better to be better. I can cook for myself now. This is my family.”

Kenneth Thompson


“I was dizzy all the time and I had to hold on to things. I was so sad, and I was really worried I would have to leave my home. But then I found CEI. My doctor and the physical therapy straightened me out! I come two days a week and talk with everybody. We sit together and enjoy lunch. Before, I was depressed, but here we have a lot of fun, we dance and sing. I feel alive, no more nervousness.”

Agatha Lovato

Senior woman smiling

“CEI is miraculous. Without it, I would be depressed and shut-in. The doctors are loving, kind, and compassionate. They actually listen to you and how you’re feeling on different medicine, and explain what each medicine does and how it will work for you. I come for the atmosphere of love and friendship… I had to take care of my mother and grandmother – I wish they had a place like this when they needed help. They would have been happy to come here and be loved by so many.”

Anna Lewis

Cost is not a barrier

Medicare and Medi-Cal reimburse Center for Elders’ Independence directly for care. If you are enrolled in Medicare and Medi-Cal, you will pay nothing or you will pay your Medi-Cal “share of cost.” When you apply to CEI, we can help you apply for Medicare and Medi-Cal if you don’t already have coverage.

Nurse consulting with elderly man and caretaker

We make it easy for referring professionals and healthcare providers to work with CEI.
Call 1 (844) 319-1150.

This page updated 1/14/2019.