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Center for Elders’ Independence PACE Downtown Oakland

Current Members: 510-830-3900
Become a Member: 844-319-1150
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday

510 17th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Serving our respected elders in Downtown Oakland, Chinatown, Lake Merritt, West Oakland, Alameda, Piedmont, Montclair, Rockridge, Emeryville

High-quality healthcare and a senior gym await you in Downtown Oakland

The Downtown Oakland PACE site is co-located with the Center for Elders' Independence administrative building in a beautiful Chicago art style four-story building in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood. The building is dedicated to a beloved CEO of Center for Elders Independence, Linda Trowbridge, who led the organization between 2013 to 2020, when she passed away. She was an inspirational leader and led the redesign of the Downtown Oakland space, transforming it from a neighborhood bar to the beautiful day center you see now.

Our Downtown Oakland PACE center offers a large activity area and a fully equipped gym. Elders who are enrolled in our all-inclusive healthcare plan often visit this location to join their friends to play bingo, create beaded jewelry or enjoy a hot meal for lunch.

Unique to this location is a demonstration kitchen, an upright piano, a sitting lounge area, a computer lab, a small group activity room and a beautiful outdoor courtyard to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

The full-service medical clinic is located just a few blocks away at 1955 San Pablo Ave, Oakland.


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People You'll Meet at the PACE Downtown Oakland Center

MSG, Center Director, Downtown Oakland

Cynthia Okialda

“I am passionate of working with the older adult population as they have a unique perspective on life and are filled with life lessons and wisdom everyone can learn from.”

I am passionate of working with the older adult population as they have a unique perspective on life and are filled with life lessons and wisdom everyone can learn from. I appreciate the coordinated services PACE provides and am grateful to be part of an organization that will help support and address the unmet needs older adults are facing here in the Bay Area.

I earned my Master of Science in Gerontology from California State University, Long Beach. Over the years, I gained professional experience from working at an assisted living facility, advocating for older adult needs by meeting with elected officials, and facilitating projects addressing the challenges and opportunities older adults may face as they age in their communities. In 2020, I had the opportunity to help open a PACE center in Southern California, which led me to where I am today.

As a Center Director for Center for Elders’ Independence, my vision is to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed and cared for, and where staff becomes extended family members to our participants. My goal is to lead and empower staff with the skills, tools and resources so they can provide high quality customer service and care to our participants. For our participants, I want to ensure their needs are met by improving their quality of life as they continue to live independently.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to live music, and exploring new cities when I can. Self-care is also important to me whether it’s hiking, going to the gym, or having a spa day.


Faith Crumpler

“Seniors have so many lessons to teach and stories to tell. It’s an honor and a privilege to talk with them. I thrive on patient and colleague diversity.”

I have always enjoyed working with senior patients as I can easily relate to them. They have so many lessons to teach and stories to tell. It’s an honor and a privilege to talk with them. I thrive on patient and colleague diversity that includes varying nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. One major thing I love about working at Center for Elders’ Independence is the access to all the specialties under one roof. There is no waiting to get a referral to anything needed here, whether it’s dentistry, podiatry or rehab. It’s all at my patient’s fingertips.

For over 20 years, I was a medical technologist. Inspired and encouraged by my mentors, I began medical school at age 41. I graduated with my medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine located in Detroit, Michigan. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the School of Pharmacy and Allied Health from Wayne State.

For fun outside of the clinic, I enjoy volunteering at my wife’s church as well as canning and preserving fruit. We love to watch zombie movies after a home cooked meal. We moved to the Bay Area in 2011 and really love being here.

MSN, FNP-BC, San Pablo Clinic

Jenny Phan

“I appreciate being part of an organization that reduces the burden for the elderly and their families.”

Working as a caregiver to an elderly patient showed me just how disconnected resources are and how stressful it is for their families. As a result, I appreciate being part of an organization that reduces the burden for the elderly and their families. The healthcare system is difficult to navigate, even for younger people. The PACE setting provides a central location for seniors to get their needs met without the confusion. Growing up, I helped my own parents translate during their medical appointments and called different offices to figure out their care needs. It wasn’t a simple or streamlined process like it is with PACE.

The elderly is one of the most vulnerable populations, yet they have the most to share through their experiences and wisdom. They have lived through so much, it’s only fair they receive the support they need to enjoy their lives.

In 2018, I joined Center for Elders’ Independence as a Nurse Practitioner shortly after earning my Master’s degree in nursing from Columbia University located in New York City. I also earned my Bachelor’s degree in nursing from the same school. During my studies, I worked at various primary care clinics for women, children and other adults throughout the New York metro area. When I returned to Oakland, I became a home care provider for an elderly patient assisting with daily living activities. Then I found CEI and love knowing that I’m making a difference in participants' lives. I speak English, Cantonese and conversational Mandarin.

For fun, I really enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles. Seeing how all the little pieces come together to form the bigger picture is gratifying. I also love to hike in Lake Chabot and Redwood Park. I was born and raised in Oakland and am proud to call it home.

CEI provides PACE services to older adults who live in the following East Bay ZIP codes:

94501 City Of Alameda
94502 City Of Alameda
94505 Discovery Bay
94506 Danville/Blackhawk
94507 Alamo
94509 Antioch
94511 Bethel Island
94513 Brentwood
94514 Byron
94516 Canyon
94517 Clayton
94518 Concord
94519 Concord
94520 Concord (North)
94521 Concord
94522 Concord
94523 Pleasant Hill
94524 Concord (West)
94525 Crockett
94526 Danville
94527 Concord
94528 Diablo
94530 El Cerrito
94531 Antioch

94540 Hayward (Airport)
94541 Hayward (North)
94542 Hayward (South)
94544 Hayward (South)
94545 Hayward (South)
94546 Hayward/Castro Valley
94547 Hercules
94548 Knightsen
94549 Walnut Creek/Lafayette
94550 Livermore
94551 Livermore
94552 Hayward/Castro Valley
94553 Martinez
94556 Moraga
94561 Oakley
94563 Orinda
94564 Pinole
94565 Pittsburg
94566 Pleasanton
94568 Dublin
94569 Port Costa
94570 Moraga
94572 Rodeo
94575 Moraga

94577 San Leandro (Marina/DT)
94578 San Leandro (Chabot)
94579 San Leandro (South)
94580 San Lorenzo
94582 San Ramon
94583 San Ramon
94586 Sunol
94588 Pleasanton
94595 Rossmoor
94596 Walnut Creek
94597 Walnut Creek
94598 Walnut Creek
94601 Fruitvale, Seminary
94602 Dimond
94603 Elmhurst
94605 Seminary
94606 San Antonio
94607 West Oakland
94608 Emeryville
94609 Temescal
94610 Lake Merritt, Trestle Glen
94611 Piedmont, Montclair, Downtown
94612 Downtown
94613 Mills College

94618 Rockridge
94619 Millmont
94621 Eastmont
94625 Port of Oakland
94626 Oakland
94627 Oakland
94702 Southwest Berkeley
94703 Southwest Berkeley
94704 East Berkeley
94705 Upper Ashby
94706 Albany
94707 Albany, Berkeley
94708 North Berkeley, Kensington
94709 Grizzly Peak
94710 West Berkeley
94720 UC Berkeley
94801 Richmond
94802 Richmond
94803 Richmond, El Sobrante
94804 Richmond
94805 Richmond, San Pablo
94806 Richmond
94820 El Sobrante