We serve East Bay seniors with PACE

The Center for Elders’ Independence helps you live at home, instead of a nursing home

PACE is a health plan designed exclusively for seniors. If you are age 55 and older, dealing with multiple health challenges and need assistance in your daily routine, CEI might be just the help you need.

We personalize your care

We help everyone differently

You and your care team will work together to create a personalized care plan that may include some or all of CEI’s services. These depend on your medical needs, which may change over time. Our care is provide in your home, at the PACE center or sometimes over telehealth.


We keep you thriving

Your PACE care team includes 11 professional disciplines and every member of your care team understands your needs.

Each week, this team meets in one room, face-to-face, to review care plans and changes in medical conditions, social engagement and emotional well-being.

Your life will get better with PACE

Our mission is to help seniors live independently at home and we understand sometimes that means you need extra help.

Heart, mind & body

We care about you as a complete person and that’s why Center for Elders' Independence gives you everything you need for your medical care.


Our pharmacist manages and monitors your medicines, and we deliver them to your home.


We schedule your appointments when it’s convenient for you and will accompany you to translate questions and answers into your native language.



Our 40 vans and friendly drivers will bring you to and from your neighborhood CEI center, clinics, outside medical appointments and field trips.

Billing & paperwork

We free you from paperwork and manage all billing. Before you apply to enroll in CEI, we can also help you apply for Medi-Cal.

Call us today


You will always be one phone call away from talking with a real person

We give you a single point of contact—your social worker at CEI. You can also speak with any person on your care team.

We spend time with you

We have 6 centers in the East Bay. This is where we’ll work with you on your strength and balance in the senior gym, introduce you to new activities, eat nutritious meals, make new friends and celebrate cultural holidays.

We spend time with seniors

We get you out of the house and having fun

Having a social life and friends is a great way to support your overall health. CEI offers both structured and unstructured social opportunities through art, drama, music, events, exercise, and field trips like an A’s game or a waterfront picnic. We also offer virtual activities and exercise classes to help keep you connected while you are at home. We’ll even train you on how to use the iPad to pop into a trivia game or exercise class from home.

CEI helps you avoid the hospital

If you are ever hospitalized, enter rehabilitation or skilled nursing, we coordinate care.

When you are ready to come home, we help you get settled.

Cost is not a barrier

Medicare and Medi-Cal reimburse Center for Elders’ Independence directly for care. If you are enrolled in Medicare and Medi-Cal, you will pay nothing or you will pay your Medi-Cal “share of cost”. When you apply to CEI, we can help you apply for Medicare and Medi-Cal if you don’t already have coverage.

You are always in control and can opt-out of CEI at any time.


Nurse consulting with elderly man and caretaker

We make it easy for referring professionals and healthcare providers to work with CEI's PACE Program
Call 1 (844) 319-1150.

CEI provides PACE services to older adults who live in the following East Bay ZIP codes:

94501 City Of Alameda
94502 City Of Alameda
94505 Discovery Bay
94506 Danville/Blackhawk
94507 Alamo
94509 Antioch
94511 Bethel Island
94513 Brentwood
94514 Byron
94516 Canyon
94517 Clayton
94518 Concord
94519 Concord
94520 Concord (North)
94521 Concord
94522 Concord
94523 Pleasant Hill
94524 Concord (West)
94525 Crockett
94526 Danville
94527 Concord
94528 Diablo
94530 El Cerrito
94531 Antioch

94540 Hayward (Airport)
94541 Hayward (North)
94542 Hayward (South)
94544 Hayward (South)
94545 Hayward (South)
94546 Hayward/Castro Valley
94547 Hercules
94548 Knightsen
94549 Walnut Creek/Lafayette
94550 Livermore
94551 Livermore
94552 Hayward/Castro Valley
94553 Martinez
94556 Moraga
94561 Oakley
94563 Orinda
94564 Pinole
94565 Pittsburg
94566 Pleasanton
94568 Dublin
94569 Port Costa
94570 Moraga
94572 Rodeo
94575 Moraga

94577 San Leandro (Marina/DT)
94578 San Leandro (Chabot)
94579 San Leandro (South)
94580 San Lorenzo
94582 San Ramon
94583 San Ramon
94586 Sunol
94588 Pleasanton
94595 Rossmoor
94596 Walnut Creek
94597 Walnut Creek
94598 Walnut Creek
94601 Fruitvale, Seminary
94602 Dimond
94603 Elmhurst
94605 Seminary
94606 San Antonio
94607 West Oakland
94608 Emeryville
94609 Temescal
94610 Lake Merritt, Trestle Glen
94611 Piedmont, Montclair, Downtown
94612 Downtown
94613 Mills College

94618 Rockridge
94619 Millmont
94621 Eastmont
94625 Port of Oakland
94626 Oakland
94627 Oakland
94702 Southwest Berkeley
94703 Southwest Berkeley
94704 East Berkeley
94705 Upper Ashby
94706 Albany
94707 Albany, Berkeley
94708 North Berkeley, Kensington
94709 Grizzly Peak
94710 West Berkeley
94720 UC Berkeley
94801 Richmond
94802 Richmond
94803 Richmond, El Sobrante
94804 Richmond
94805 Richmond, San Pablo
94806 Richmond
94820 El Sobrante

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