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PACE Participant: Rose Usher in Bloom

Rose in Bloom: A PACE Participant Profile

The Importance of Social Connection in Older Adults As one ages, keeping the social connections necessary to find happiness and fight isolation gets more ...
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Home Caregiver gives senior a hug.

Long Distance Caregiving

Caring While Living Far Away Taking care of an aging parent can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person will ...
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September is PACE Month in California Center for Elders' Independence is an innovative PACE PACE Addresses Growing Needs for Senior CareIn a show of support for PACE, the transformative ...
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Senior Participant receives iPad Training at PACE Berkeley

300 Seniors Learn to Connect in their Language

July marked a milestone for CEI and our new batch of tech-savvy seniors. As of this month, 300 participants attended and graduated the Weblinks ...
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PACE Tri Valley Ground Breaking Ceremony

Tri Valley “Breaks Ground”

On Friday, June 30, senior leadership, members of CEI Board and Foundation along with two local elected officials celebrated the start of construction for ...
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Two PACE Centers Coming

Two New PACE Centers Coming!

California is predicted to have one of the fastest growing senior populations with over three times the national rate for people over age 60. ...
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Home Healthcare Matters

Michelle Meng starts her workday as a Geriatric Aide by climbing four flights of stairs in a Berkeley walk-up apartment building to check on ...
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Lead Social Worker Youngseong Seo shares a laugh with PACE participant Judy Ngo in Downtown Oakland.

Social Workers are at the Hub

A major benefit of PACE healthcare is access to a social worker. Center for Elders' Independence employs close to 20 social workers and assistants ...
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Friendships Blossom Through Translators

"Communication is everything, and these translators have been a game-changer," shares CEI driver Fernando Navarro. "Every day has been better ever since these translators ...
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An activities coordinator and a Guardian ADHC participant pose together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CEI.

Serving West Contra Costa County

Center for Elders' Independence Brings Enhanced Services to West Contra Costa County Seniors Center for Elders' Independence is evolving to address an expected 485% ...
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